The most beautiful beaches in Australia

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Australia is undeniably the leading country in terms of beautiful beaches and surfing experience. This country is covered with incredible amounts of beaches. While some of these beaches are home to a diversity of marine wildlife, others are so expansive that you might well find yourself all alone. Depending on the various activities that you intend to practise, you might want to head to different beach. The list below breaks down some of the most beautiful beaches for you.

Surfing and swimming
The Bells Beach located in Victoria is well known for its wonderful swells and as such this place is great for surfers. Experienced surfers thrive in those waves but swimming is quite dangerous. Swimmers could instead opt for the beach at Torquay. This beach has been considered as the surfing capital of Australia for several years. Torquay is also home to various surf brands outlets.

If wildlife is your thing, then heading to Clarkes Beach in Byron Bay could present with some wonderful experiences. This beach is found in the New South Wales. This beach gets a lot of sun exposure as it faced the north. Common sighting include the koalas, eucalypts along with other flora and fauna. Visitors also get the opportunity to indulge in sea kayaking trips while catching glimpse of whales and dolphins.

If you are seeking some privacy, the Whitehaven Beach in Queensland is your best bet. This beach, despite being remote, is quite accessible. The sands are clean and white and you will be able to get there via ferry tours, boats or luxury yachts.

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