Top Tips for a Safe Travel

The world is not necessarily dangerous or unsafe. Even though there might exist some dangerous people and place anywhere, these constitute of a minority. In fact, a person is more likely to get into trouble while remaining at home than travelling. The tips below might help you make your trips as safe as possible.

Always look back
If you have been visiting a shop or just having a coffee somewhere, always take the habit to look back. You could even devise a checklist in your head of all the things that you are carrying. For instance, before leaving a place, you might want to check whether your have your jacket, the right number of bags or any other accessories.

Keep separate money sources
While travelling, you might consider keeping at least one card in a different place. If you are travelling with other people, each one can keep a separate card in case of any issue. Getting replacement cards while in a foreign country can be very difficult.

Scan major documents
It is more traditional to keep photocopy of passports, visas or travel insurances. You could also consider scanning all your important documents and keeping them on your phones or tablets so that they can be accessed in case you lose your bags.

Avoid using your credit card at internet cafes
Computers at internet may be equipped with keylogger software or hardware that record your keystrokes. This is not the case for every internet cafe but this will give them access to your accounts credentials.

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