Three Places That Deserve a Visit in Europe

Europe is most certainly the smallest continent in the world, but it offers a good selection of incredible places to visit. If you are seeking to travel to Europe soon, you might consider adding the places below on your bucket list.

Porto and Douro Valley, Portugal
This city used to be a peaceful riverside one and was popular for the Porto, its locally-produced fortified wine. This city has recently emerged as an artful one and has gained popularity as a value destination in Europe. Apart from the Porto and arts, the place also proposes visitors with big museums. One of them is the Museum of Contemporary Arts, the Museu de Arte Contemporanea which is the host of a great selection of vanguard pieces. In the city of Rem Koolhaas visitors and music lovers are able to enjoy the great music at the Casa da Musica.This city also features some wonderful restaurants and vineyards.

Budapest, Hungary
Places that offer antique charms are particularly appealing. Budapest offers visitors with a unique experience of ruin pubs, which are also known as romkocsma and the kertek also known as garden bars. Visitors are also able to visit the trendy watering holes of ancient buildings and fabulous and creative wild plan scapes. Food and coffee shops are abundant in Budapest. Restaurant offer retro style food and cafes are cozy and rustic.

Northern Iceland
For the nature lover, Iceland proposes magnificent sights of waterfalls, lava fields and geysers. You might also catch an aurora borealis if you are there at the right time. Apart from the beauty of the place, iceland is also an affordable destination.

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