Planning to Leave the Country for a Trip? Follow These Tips to Stay Safe

Summary: Staying prepared for any trip will ensure that you don’t lose any of your belongings to thugs and pickpockets along the way.

As a traveler, you’re probably accustomed to watching your behavior when it comes to different countries around the world. Some people might take offense to a certain action when you only meant good. Here are some tips that you might not know that could potentially save your life.

Stay Away from the Political Movement

Certain countries are hugely divided because of an ongoing political debate. As a foreigner, you’re more than welcome to join in on the debate, but be careful with what you say – some people might not take too kindly if you support one side over the other.

It’s also important to avoid countries that have problems with political crime. It’s not an adventure if you end up getting roughed up and emotionally scarred for life. Check your state department’s website and news reports for updates prior to your departure so you can get a good feel for what’s going on in the country.

Charitable Donations

Beggars are abundant everywhere in most developing countries. It’s quite easy to see why they would look to the stereotypical tourist for a dollar or two. And, in many cases, some beggars can be overly aggressive, and end up using your money to buy alcohol or drugs. To make matters worse, some beggars will even fake their condition and work with others to attempt to steal your money while one of them grabs your attention. You’d be surprised at the amount of skill that these thieves have. With years of pickpocketing and getting away with it, you could lose everything in your pocket in a matter of seconds.

Don’t risk it.

Instead of handing out money charitably all over the place, visit a legitimate local charity and make a donation instead. Knowing that you showed love and appreciation to a good cause is more than enough to clear your conscience.

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