Cheap Places You Should Consider Traveling

There are several places that an individual can visit across the globe, which are cheap. Irrespective of your geographical location, you can always find cheap places to tour. Several destinations across the world are waiting for you to visit.


When people hear of Pacific islands, they think that they are expensive destinations. Unlike the neighboring expensive islands, Fiji is cheaper. Although there are over $1,000-a-night-resorts, you can still manage to enjoy cheaply. Fiji is a stopover of Fiji Airlines, and many backpackers have exploited this opportunity by having cheap guesthouses and transportation activities especially at Yasawa Islands.


Although there are a lot of cheap places in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is the favorite place to visit. In this country, you can get affordable services, and the people are hospitable. A private air-conditioned room goes for $20. In a day, you can spend $50 including transport, food, and accommodation.


In Thailand, there are multiple backpacking centers, which are making it one of the cheapest destinations. You can spend between $25 to $30 a day living in the cheap guesthouses, traveling by bus and visiting some of the attractions.


The currency exchange market has made Australia one of the cheapest destinations. The 20 percent drop in the Australian dollar makes the US$ superior meaning that a holiday in the country is affordable.


Greek is not only one of the world’s most beautiful places but also one of the cheapest destinations. In the recent years, the Greek economy has been in turmoil, lowering prices all over the country. The low prices mean that you can enjoy further with your travel dollars.


Today, you can get 63 rupees per dollar compared to 39 some years ago. This gives you almost 50 percent more money to travel in India than it was years ago. It is hard to spend $50 a day unless you want to live in a five-star hotel.

Article submitted by Dev Randhawa, a US travel blogger. Dev Randhawa writes about full-time travel, and captures videos for his YouTube channel.


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