Great Alpine Ski Resorts For Your Next Holidays

The Alps are undeniably one of the first destinations that comes to mind when you think about skiing resorts. If you are planning your next holidays in the Alps, you might consider trying some of the locations enumerated below.

Megève, France
Megève is an old-fashioned village that bears a rustic charm. It proposes skiers with tree-lined slopes that can be tackled every by intermediates. For those seeking more challenging slopes, you might consider going off piste. Accommodation options in Megève are numerous and this place is great for promenades.

Villars, Switzerland
Along with some great skiing options, Villars has great activities to propose to visitors. Some of them are swimming, skating and walks. Villars’ slopes are suitable to intermediate skiers and in certain places they can go as high as 3000 metres especially above Les Diablerets. The place offers several options of traditional hotels and food.

Courmayeur, Italy
The Italian village of Courmayeur offers challenging off piste that would be more appropriate for advanced skiers. Visitors can reach there by taking the Mont Blanc tunnel. Along with the great slopes, visitors are also able to indulge in the Italian Dolce Vita by trying out the great food and accommodations that Courmayeur has to offer.

Alpbach, Austria
Alpbach is one of the most popular resorts in Austria. For intermediate skiers, this village offers mild slopes. The village in itself is full of charm and its accommodations consist of pensions as well as chalet-inspired hotel resorts. Visitors are also able to enjoy the outdoor ice rinks.

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