Flying LAX: What New Travellers Need to Know

Light Pylons at LAX.

Light Pylons at LAX.

Aside from the obvious list of what not to pack before you get into an airline, LAX travelers should keep a few important pieces of information in mind in order to survive one of America’s busiest airports. Secrets, like booking an airport bus that runs to and from the airport, are crucial to navigating this airport and getting off to a good start in your trip to Los Angeles.

 Save Time

You should arrive about three or more hours before any International flight, which includes those returning to your home country, and at least two hours before any domestic one. Some regulations recommend even longer times. If you’re taking a charter bus, make sure you plan for traffic on the 405 and other freeways leading into LAX. Sometimes, it’s better to arrive early, bring a good book and wait out boarding procedures.

Pickup and Dropoff

LAX is very strict about passenger pickup and drop off, so many take either taxis or a shuttle bus into the terminal. This is fairly common practice. You’ll also be able to stow luggage in a shuttle bus, just below the cabin, so you can feel free to bring multiple bags with you.

Additional Tips

LAX recommends that save time by printing your boarder pass before you arrive at the terminal. You can do so, and usually check into your flight, via the Internet. Search your email to be sure you can open your boarding pass online. You can also lock luggage at LAX, which can be convenient if you need to travel for the day before boarding your plane.

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