Amazing Kayaking Experiences Await in San Juan

Amazing Kayaking Experiences Await in San JuanWritten by: Crystal Seas

San Juan is where you want to go when your sense of adventure kicks in. You’ll find it hard to be board when there are beaches, hiking spots and kayaking all within close proximity of one another. San Juan Island kayaking is an absolute must if you plan to visit the region.

Do even a quick search on YouTube and you’ll find loads of videos of kayakers having the time of their lives. Some surrounded by Orca whales, or other schools of fish, other just enjoying the clear blue waters.

San Juan Island sea kayaking is a bit different than what you might find going through the Colorado River or rowing through a lake. The water is tranquil and very clear. You can see clear to the ocean floor in some places, which makes for a thrilling glimpse into the undersea life.

Once you’ve done sea kayaking in San Juan Islands, you should take some time to go rappelling or rock climbing. The feel is exhilarating as you barrel down a mountain tethered to a wire. You can spend an entire day doing any one of these amazing activities, then cap your night off with some dancing at La Placita. San Juan was the birthplace of the Pina Colada, so you should definitely try one.

What’s wonderful about San Juan’s night life is that nearly everything is accessible by bike, but you can always take taxis if you’re exhausted from the day out. Those who decide to walk the city will be treated to colorful streets and displays that seem to light up the night.


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