The Best Time to Visit Jordan: A Basic Guide

Jordan is a gorgeous city to visit. However, you should pick and choose the right time to travel there.

jordan-petraThe city of Jordan offers tourists a chance to visit gorgeous sites like Jarash and Petra. However, your trip could be ruined if you choose the wrong months to visit. Spring and autumn are typically the best seasons to visit Jordan as the weather is cool enough to walk around outdoors without ending up drenched in sweat afterwards. Visiting Jordan in the off-season will result in either wind or heat waves, and even the occasional snow and cold. This article will discuss will delve into when you should visit Jordan so you can make the most out of your journey.

The Typical Weather Patterns of Jordan

In the month of April, temperatures will reach an average of 73 degrees, give or take – and all the wild flowers are in full bloom. Other months that pose little threat to your trip are March, May, October, and November. Try and avoid travelling during the Summer as temperatures can reach a scorching 100 degrees easily. Winters are also surprisingly cold with the occasional snow and high winds. And, the last thing that you’ll want to deal with is finding a nice car rental in Amman, only to end up dealing with driving in the snow. Yikes.

Petra and How to Visit

One of the main tourist attractions that Jordan offers tourists is the ancient Bedouin city of Petra. Most of the time, you’ll find that the site is overloaded with visitors with busloads coming in and out on an hourly basis. So, if you want to avoid having to bump into a sea of people, skip the pre-arranged tour, take a car hire in Jordan, get up early at around 6 in the morning and let your drive find an alternate route into the city – most drivers will know side routes that will save you the hassle of traffic.

When to Fly to Jordan

If you’re looking for discounted travel tickets, the cheapest time to fly into Jordan is usually around July and August – also November through March is another good time. Spring and Autumn are when prices will skyrocket due to the nice weather, so be wary of that before you book. What’s better is that many travel sites will offer special deals by sending you coupons. Basically, they want your business, but if you’re planning to travel to Jordan already, be on the lookout for discounts in your email. You could potentially save hundreds of dollars!

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