The Best of Chocolate at the Angelina Tearoom

Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

If you’re in Paris and want to truly indulge in chocolate, head to the Angelina Tea House on rue de Rivoli. For over a century, Angelina has been serving their smooth, rich hot chocolate that’s so thick it’s almost like warm pudding. This famous hot chocolate is made from African cacao. The reason why Angelina’s hot chocolate has been unparalleled all this time is because three cocoa varieties make up this luxurious beverage.

For chocolate pastries, the Pain au Chocolat and the Éclair Chocolat both make excellent choices. However, it’s the Choc Africain that really shines among Angelina’s chocolate classics. The Choc Africain is composed of a rich chocolate brownie that’s amplified in richness by dark chocolate mousse and bitter dark chocolate cream. This is definitely an indulgent dessert for any chocolate lover.

The Angelina Tearoom’s marvelous chocolate offerings doesn’t end there. In fact, there’s more bliss to be had in their chocolate ice cream sundae. The Coupe Rivoli features a generous serving of their decadent chocolate ice cream served with the famous Angelina hot chocolate and crisp meringues. To balance out the richness, it is accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream and topped with whipped cream.

After all that chocolate ecstasy, it’s time for a nice cup of tea. Yes, even their tea has chocolate that’s worth trying! Sample the Thé 226 au Cacao or the Infusion Mélange Angelina for a nice, light ending to a rich, indulgent chocolate fare.