How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Kayaking

Tourists often look for common recreational activities such as kayaking that can help them to not only improve their strength and flexibility but also serve as a fun activity during their holidays. Therefore, kayak tours are arranged for exactly this purpose.

However, before going on a kayaking tour, it is important that you are aware of what you are actually getting into. According to Crystal Seas, there are several ways in which you can prepare yourself for a long-distance kayaking trip.

It is of utmost important that you must be in great shape and an upper body strength. This would ensure that you can paddle for a prolonged period, without straining your muscles. It would be better if you practice your paddling skills beforehand.

Your entire kayaking tour must be guided. It is always discouraged to go alone. If it is one of your initial experiences, then it is better that you plan everything ahead and hire a professional guide for the tour.

Make sure that you bring all the essential gear and equipment with you. Apart from the usual kayaking gear, do not forget to bring along water purification, bug spray, first aid kit, a rain jacket, and extra clothes.

Pack plenty of fresh food as it will last longer especially if you’re paddling on the colder water. Dried foods like fruits and trail mix, and beef jerky serve as easily accessible snack and energy sources.

Kayaking could be a great deal of fun that can turn into an unforgettable experience if you follow these instructions before going on a kayaking tour.

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