The ultimate massage treats in Asia

Summary: Asia is home to some of the best spa experiences in the world. You will find amazing spa’s in Bangkok, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and India, just to name a few.

Asia takes pride in having most of the top spa and massage retreats in the world. Almost every country in South-east Asia boasts its techniques and methods for sending visitors back rejuvenated and revitalized. Here are some of the top locations for spa visits:


The Divana Spa is one of the best day spas in Asia, with branches in Bangkok and Phuket. Walking in immediately relaxes you and starts you off on a journey. There is lush greenery, ponds, and a relaxing atmosphere that adds to the custom massage therapy.


Another amazing spa treatment is the traditional Japanese Onsen bathing tradition at Yunomori Onsen & Spa. Also, the spa offers Thai massage therapy in addition to the primary Japanese massage. One warning, the experience is a communal one, so if you prefer privacy, you will want to steer clear.


There are hundreds of world-class spa facilities in Indonesia, but the Anindya Spa takes the term retreat to heart. The picturesque landscape of the Nirwana Garden’s Mayang Sari beach resort serves as the backdrop to the traditional massage techniques on offer.

These are just three potential destinations in Asia which also includes the Philippines, Hong Kong, and India.

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