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For travelers who want a new region to explore, the small region of Northern Cyprus is ideal. It is home to ancient monuments, historical churches, intriguing monasteries, and bundles of artifacts thousands of years old. With incredible natural beauty and a thriving location between East and West, it is no wonder that this region captured the attention of historical figures like Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, and Leonard da Vinci. The only drawback for tourists is that once here, some find it hard to leave!

Northern Cyprus is marked by breathtaking mountains, broad plains, sandy beaches, and expansive views of the Mediterranean Sea. The beaches there are some of the cleanest and safest shores in the Mediterranean. Investors love North Cyprus property due to its prime location that is still not overrun with tourists. In addition, visitors love the area’s many shops, contemporary restaurants, entertaining nightlife, and hotspots for hobbyists who like to surf, scuba dive, and swim. The first visit often leads to others, motivating some tourists to invest in Northern Cyprus apartments and villas.

If you haven’t visited Northern Cyprus, now is a good time to take advantage of off-season pricing. December to February are the winter months, at which time temperatures average 12 degrees Celsius (about 53 degrees Fahrenheit). For tourists who enjoy mountain skiing or are most interested in seeing historical landmarks—now is a perfect time to visit. And should you find yourself wanting to stay long-term, you can always contact a North Cyprus real estate agency such as Golden Estate.

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